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Matt, Charlie and Bess joined Robin and I for dinner tonight.  It was so fun to spend time with them all.  We were amazed by Bess’s baby naming abilities; she really should be a consultant in this arena. We were also blown away by these pizzas.  The best flavors I have had on pizza in a long time.  To be made again FOR SURE!

Smoke Mozarella Pizza with Radicchio and Onion Jam

Onion Pizza with Ricotta and Chard


Robin has been looking at this recipe since my mom gave me Jack Bishop’s Italian Vegetarian.  For some reason I have never cooked it.  I wish I had gotten on the polenta with garlicky greens train earlier.  WOW, this stuff is GOOD.  45 minutes of total prep but totally easy prep and totally worth it.

One of my better platings to match the photo.  By the way, the bowl in the photo would serve about 17 people.

Polenta with Garlicky Greens (recipe on another blog)