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Robin and I were thrilled to have my sister, Brooke and her husband, Graham, come stay with us last weekend.  With three awesome kids at home and limited vacation, they have not been out to California in a long time.  We were lucky enough to have them with us for four days.

Charlie, Bess, Jeremy and Jane came to join us for dinner.  It was a fun meal and I loved showing my sister and Graham the world that we live in.

On the menu:

  • Grilled steak with citrus gremolata (recipe to come)
  • Chipotle-Corn Mashed Potatoes
  • Jeremy’s rosemary bread
  • Arugula salad
  • Bi-Rite pie with Bi-Rite creamery ice-cream.


Taylor and Maggie came over tonight to start planning the Solstice menu for next weekend.  I lured Taylor to SF from the East Bay with promises of Mario Batali’s Beef Birds.  Skit steak around prusciutto with pancetta on the outside.  All of that on the grill.  Lots of meat, no poultry.  They end up kind of looking like birds in flight.  Kind of…