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My parents were Moosewooding it up in NYC tonight and it looks good!  Currently this recipe is off limits in the Knavis Knitchen.  Mavis says no cooked tomatoes.

From my mom, “This was really yum, dead simple, and nice with asparagus on the side. We had nice conversation during dinner and did not read the paper in the photo. A simple red wine, fresh oranges for dessert followed by a cookie. Bon appétit!”

For the record, we discussed the injustices of the Sonoma vs. San Diego State seedings at SW regionals for our “nice conversation.”  It does matter, just so you know!

Spinach Polenta with Tomatoes


Robin and I have a busy work week ahead with a number of evening events.  I decided to make this pasta so that I have something to eat for dinner later in the week and Robin has a few lunches.

This Moosewood Simple Supers recipe is great.  I was able to make the pesto before the water even boiled.  Adding a little pasta water at the end created a rich, almost creamy, tomato sauce for the pasta.  A definite hit and will be repeated again.

Recipe after the Jump

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