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Saturday we cooked Jamie Oliver’s pasta with mushrooms and fresh herbs.

Sunday I had grand plans of making Jack Bishop’s Caribbean Black Beans and Plantains.  Same recipe.  Same chef.  Different outcome.  Robin attributes it to the limes.  I think it belongs on Fail Blog.

I was fortunate and recovered tonight using the leftover beans and plantains on black bean and plantain quesadillas.  So good.  We used to frequent Sweat Heat on the Haight way too frequently.  This was our go to order.  They closed many years ago but we still love a BB & P quesadilla.


After a (too) long day at work, I found myself planning our menu for the week as I drove home.  I had planned on making mushroom or plantain quesadillas.  I found the plantains but paid no attention to how ripe they are.  Big mistake.  Not able to use the plantains, I was left with plain old black bean and cheese quesadillas.  Papalote salsa came to the rescue, though.  Man is this stuff good.  Thank you, Papalote for rescuing dinner.