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Robin did ask where this dish came from.  When I told her 101 Cookbooks she said she had assumed as much.

Predictably Heidi Swanson and predictably good.

Heather’s Quinoa with tofu, kale, shallots and pesto.


I had a great afternoon Saturday living the Marin life.  Annie and I met up for a hike to Tennessee Valley.  After unsuccessfully trying to walk Ellie to sleep, Annie headed back to her house and I went shopping and for a spectacular run up Bald Mountain.  Holy cow was it steep but the views were spectacular.

With the baby asleep I served up this butternut squash curry with fried tofu.  It was the perfect amount of heat and we both washed it down with Sauvignon Blanc.  Perhaps too much Sauv Blanc.  Annie’s text this morning?  “Sauv Blanc is EVIL water.”  This dish will show up in the Knitchen again.

It was great to escape to Marin, catch up with such a good friend and enjoy a good dinner.  Now the week starts…

Thai Tofu and Winter Squash Stew

The astute observer out there (are there any observers out there?) will note that I changed up the plan just hours after making it.  It was a cold afternoon here in SF and I am still battling a cold.  This roasted squash dish felt much warmer than the planned cold salad and salmon.

The result was a bowl full of health that we will certainly have again.  The miso-curry was more like a paste going on the squash, potatoes and tofu.  This crisped up nicely and really gave those three nice flavor.  The lemon juice things the paste and makes for a wonderful dressing for the greens.

A great dinner and some leftovers for Robin’s lunch.  You will see this one again!

Link to the recipe on another blog.