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Scrolling through the Times on Friday I saw a special on calzones.  This white bean and caramelized onion calzone stood out.  As I headed off to Sawyer Camp to get in a three mile run I quickly printed the recipe and made it my grocery list.  Quite easy and quite tasty.  Vegan too!

White Bean and Caramelized Onion Calzone


We were lucky to spend a dinner with our friend Janet.  She came over with her puppy, Leah.  I have been recycling favorites recently and tonight was bruschetta with white beans, mushrooms and arugula.  I promise exciting, new recipes in the future.

Tonight I threw together the Green & White Bean Gratin from Moosewood’s Simple Suppers.  I put it in the oven and headed off for a run.  When I returned we enjoyed this cheesy dish.  I mush say that I love all the white parts and was not as nuts about the green parts.  The fix, though, I am guessing, is to use fresh herbs in the crumble that goes on top.  I also think it will make great leftovers.  I should also mention that I used Gruyere.  I can’t imagine cheddar would have made this much better.

Off to a work dinner tomorrow night and then, ripeness willing, plantain quesadillas on Thursday.

Green and White Bean Gratin

Even though it was a four day week, it was a long one!  We ended the week on a high note with a great dinner with friends.  This simple pasta was incredibly tasty.  It is a Moosewood Simple Supper.

Moosewood’s Pasta with Broccoli, Edamame & Walnuts

I also served a great white bean bruschetta.  This is a favorite from Epicurious. The recipe sounds complex.  Skip all the bean making and either used canned beans or beans from the pressure cooker.

Bruschetta with White Beans & Cheese

With so many new recipes on the horizon, I went back to an old favorite.  This will give Robin plenty of lunch leftovers.  The big change this time?  Fresh beans.  Wow, what a difference.  I threw one pound of dried cannellini beans in the pressure cooker with 7 cups of water for 35 minutes.  The result was one of the best white bean and kale pastas ever.  That is saying something as I have made this dish over 50 times. Recipe linked on the Recipes Page.


Mondays are tough.  Robin stays late to coach Stanford Ultimate practice and often I have not shopped for the week.  We managed to get in and out of Whole Foods with three good dinners worth of groceries and some breakfast food for around $60.

Tonight, a recent favorite, a new salad, and darn good salmon.

Spanish White Beans with Spinach: Incredibly fast, easy and tasty.

Nancy’s Kale Salad: I re-met Nancy last week wine tasting in Napa.  She is a good friend of my parents and, my parents tell me, quite the chef.  She suggested this salad and we LOVED it.  Very similar to Kathy’s Kale Salad

  • Tuscan kale & Ricotta Salata Salad. Take out the rib from the kale, slice very thinly (chiffonade) cross-wise, toss with ricotta salata and dressing of shallot, lemon juice & olive oil.

Pan Seared Salmon.  Salt, pepper, hot olive oil and about 8 minutes.