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Robin and I hosted 8 friends from my work on Friday night.  Despite my best efforts, dinner too far longer than I had planned.  Alas, we eat in courses so it worked out just fine.

On the menu:

Pomodari al Forno to start.  This is the good stuff that I made over and over this summer.  Everyone wants the recipe.  So easy to make.  You just need time to let it cook.

With the chicken on the stove we went into the next course to stave off the hunger.

Alex Banay’s Onion Tart.  There are few things that I like more.

Broccoli Crunch from 101 Cookbooks.  Aaron took over the dressing and helped get this out with the onion tarte.

Finally the Chicken from the town of Avellino was done and enjoyed by all.  I used peppers grown in the school garden.

Dinner up in Sonoma on Saturday. A night off from the kitchen.