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Robin and I had our good friend Janet over for dinner and served two of our favorite pizzas that have been on the Knitchen before:

Great weeknight pizza is entirely made possible with such great pizza dough available at Whole Foods.  30 minutes on the counter and it is ready to be rolled out (or tossed) before landing on the pizza stone.


I love cooking a dinner I know without the recipe.  I also love it when I know exactly which pots and pans I like to use for a given recipe.  Tonight was just that.  Penne with white beans and kale.  We know it, cook it without the recipe, cook it in the same pots every time, and love it every time.

Penne with White Beans and Kale

With so many new recipes on the horizon, I went back to an old favorite.  This will give Robin plenty of lunch leftovers.  The big change this time?  Fresh beans.  Wow, what a difference.  I threw one pound of dried cannellini beans in the pressure cooker with 7 cups of water for 35 minutes.  The result was one of the best white bean and kale pastas ever.  That is saying something as I have made this dish over 50 times. Recipe linked on the Recipes Page.


A great day of climbing on Pinacle Peak. The climber knowler clan had a great, cold day. Back home I cooked up another knavisknitchen favorite from the fall. The photos of this dish were taken by the newest photographer in the Knowler family, Orion. He is a rocking cool kindergarten student and stellar drummer.