Monthly Archives: December 2011

Heidi, Ken and the kids joined the Phoenix party tonight. We are now 10 adults and 4 kids. Nothing better for a big crowd of eaters than a pizza dinner. We started with make your own pizzas for the kids. We then had three adult pizzas. They are all knavisknitchen favorites. Onion, fennel and Gouda. Tomato and mozzarella. Potato, arugula and fontina. A great party. Many are looking forward to Santa coming tonight!



A great day of climbing on Pinacle Peak. The climber knowler clan had a great, cold day. Back home I cooked up another knavisknitchen favorite from the fall. The photos of this dish were taken by the newest photographer in the Knowler family, Orion. He is a rocking cool kindergarten student and stellar drummer.


Robin and I are now in Phoenix for Christmas with the Knowler Family. I am honored to be allowed to cook for the family and love the job. Robin and I sat down with Kathy and set the menu, all knavisknitchen favorites. Tonight we also cooked for Russ and Sharon Ewers, Knowler family friends.

The menu was grilled salmon, Spanish white beans with spinach, green salad. All the recipes are on the recipes page.

Thanks to Russ for a great Sauvignon Blanc and Kathy for her lemon cream pie.

Good times dancing with Isa and Orion after dinner.

Inspired by an amazing dinner at Locanda, recipes from Mario Batali’s cookbooks, and a conversation with our friend Taylor Black, we decided to go on with an Italian menu.

I saw a reference to the Ikea Tekla Dish Cloth on a design blog and these classic red striped dish towels felt Italian became our napkins.  The red stripe was repeated on the menu and seating cards.

Yes, seating cards.  With 27 people seated for dinner in three separate rooms, we wanted everyone to have a chance to mingle.  After each course we changed seats.  Robin and Erin puzzled over the seating and Joe chimed in best he could.

Solstizio d’Inverno 2011

Insalata Caprese Invernale (Winter Caprese Salad)
Olive con Pomodoro (Warmed Olives in Tomato Sauce)
Pizza Bianca con Cavolfiore (Pizza Bianca with Cauliflower)


Rucola, Mirtillo Rosso, e Pecorino (Arugula, Cranberries and Pecorino)

Tre Polpette sulla Pasta al Forno (Three Meatballs and Baked Pasta)
Melanzane della Nonna (Grandmother’s Eggplant)

Crostata di Mele (Apple Pie)
Rustica Torta di Pere (Rustic Pear Torte)
Amaretto e Cioccolato (Chocalate Mouse)