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Saturday night Robin and I hosted several friends from Crystal, including one Knitchen follower.  It was so fun to welcome a new crowd to our house and spend time with such interesting people outside of work.  The menu included Arctic Char with Cilantro Hazelnut Peso, Grilled Asparagus and Latin Teacher Onion Tart.  We finished the evening with pound cake with balsamic strawberries.

Arctic Char with Cilantro Hazelnut Pesto

Latin Teacher Onion Tart

Balsamic Strawberries


Robin knows how to keep me happy while cooking…yummy cheese on a cracker.

I kept up Super Natural Week cooking Heidi Swanson’s Kale Salad with Toasted Coconut & Sesame Oil.  While we enjoyed the result, I definitely should have used way more kale than the recipe called for. Could just be my love for kale.  Who knows.

The salmon stole the show tonight, though.  I threw a single piece of Atlantic Salmon on the grill and took off one of the best pieces of fish I have cooked at home.  No special treatment.  I just salted, peppered, and olive oiled before putting it on a well oiled grill.  The fish must have been a fattier piece as there were more flare ups than I am use to coming off a piece of fish.  I pulled it off a few minutes before it was ready and put it back on.  The JV move of pulling it off too early allowed me to get the Varsity move of the crossed grill marks.


Robin and I headed over to Marin to visit Annie and Jason and their new baby, Ellie.  We brought groceries for dinner with us.  Knavis Knitchen on the road.

I wanted to make a Mario recipe for fava beans with Pecorino.  No fava beans in the store so I used extra asparagus left in the fridge from yesterday.  Tasted yummy but am excited to try with the fava beans.

Salmon, pesto from pumpkin seed and cilantro, and kale salad.  All this makes for a nice looking plate.

Annie and Jason offered up some amazing wine, halloween candy, and a darn cute baby.  Thanks for having us!

Monday.  Trajedy of the day?  Robin forgot the Pansotti leftovers.  So tragic it was worth a call to me at work 🙂  To buoy her spirits and because I had time, I doubled down and made two dinners instead of one.

Grilled Mahi-Mahi tacos were on the menu.  Simplified and used store-bought salsa.  Doubled the rub recipe for future grilling needs.

Vegetarian tortilla soup.  On the menu for Tuesday, but had time to make it.  Turned out to be a great compliment.  Not shocking, I know.  Will see a repeat tomorrow night after a work event.